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Triad Roofing Services Reviews

Real reviews for Triad Roofing Services from Angie's List, Better Business Bureau and more. We are Greensboro's Premier Roofing Company and have been serving Greensboro and surrounding areas of the Triad since 1999.  We stand behind all of our roofing products and services and value our customer's reviews.


angies-listI had initially requested an inspection of my roof, and to know it's current condition, and the cost of replacement, whenever that would need to be completed. When I bought my home a few years ago, the inspector told me to plan on replacing the roof within a year or two, so I figured it was time to have it looked at. I ended up having 5 different companies give me a quote. Triad Roofing was the final estimate I received. Their estimate was done in a timely manner, and Derek actually got up on the roof and took photos to show me the roof's condition. I personally really appreciated that, as some of the other estimates I received, the estimator didn't bother with getting up on the roof to inspect it. Derek completely explained everything to me. He said that although the shingles were becoming rather brittle, that the roof potentially could last another couple of years. I decided to go ahead and have the work done now, to avoid having any potential problems develop. The crew showed up on time, and did an excellent job. They were very courteous and professional. They tore off the old materials, and installed architectural style shingles. In the process, they ended up replacing 5 sheets of damaged wood on the shed. Most of the work was completed in one day, with just a few hours to finish up the following afternoon. I am very pleased with the final result. Triad Roofing provided excellent service. I feel they did quality work, and I appreciated how professionally everything was handled. Overall, it was a very positive experience, and I will definitely recommend them to others.
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Description of work:
Tear off and re-roof of house and shed.

04/01/2016 – Dolores Lloyd of Mebane, NC

angies-listIt went great. They not only fixed the issue, they gave me a couple of choices as to what I wanted done, and they found some other issues and let me know immediately and gave me the choice to leave things as they were or repair those too. They even gave me a deal on the extra repairs and checked the rest of my roof for free. I didn't meet any of them personally, but they were very nice and professional over the phone.
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Description of work:
fixed some parts of my roof that blew or fell off during one of our rain storms.

02/23/2016 – A. L. C. McLaurin of Greensboro, NC

angies-listLeaks were noticed in the house after a recent rainstorm and they were able to send someone out almost an hour after calling them on a busy morning. The guys were very professional when they came out. They were also very thorough in their evaluation and took pictures to show us each step of the way, showing exactly what needed to be done. This was very helpful, and to me, also was a hat tip to their credibility, because I knew the what and why or what needed to be done.
They checked in often when something new was found, and also did an evaluation on our roof to give us a general life left on our roof. It rained the whole time they were working, and after they completed the work, Derek went over the work and pointed out everything they did and made sure to go over why they charged what they did, and where my money was going.
Overall, we were very happy with their service, and they were very a stand up and honest service.
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Description of work:
The provider was called to fix a few leaks in the roof. They found three leaks, and in addition to fixing the leaks, they:
-Replaced 4 missing/damaged shingles.
-Fixed all popped up nails on the roof.
-Caulked up all exposed nail heads inside the attic.
-Checked all the pipe boots and recaulked.

09/25/2015 – Jason Potter of Winston-Salem, NC

angies-listTravis and the entire company is a pleasure to do business with. The entire crew was professional. They did a great job installing the underlayment, shingles, refastening the gutters, gutter guard and chimney cap. If I ever have a need for any of the services offered by Triad Roofing Services I will be calling them first. They are in the competitive range with cost and was the only one that actually went on top of the house and inspected the roof before providing an estimate. They have pride in their work and live by their motto: "Because your home wears our reputation."
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Description of work:
New roof with synthetic underlayment. Refastened gutters. Installed gutter guard. On both the house and shed. Chimney cap

08/14/2015 – Amanda Ousley of Greensboro, NC

angies-listHad to work around weather for scheduling but got the job done in a timely manner. Clean up and attention to detail were good. They actually asked for access inside the home when a skylight allowed debris to fall through. They cleaned it all up and left the house as they found it. All in all excellent, service.
They also offered financing which was a definite plus as I need to stretch dollars.
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Description of work:
Replaced a roof on 3800 sq ft home.

05/11/2015 – Melissa Masten of Greensboro, NC

angies-listThey had to match two colors, one for the edge and the other for the trim. They also put a small extension on a downspout on my garage and rerouted it for me. I love working with Triad Roofing. The owner Travis comes out, evaluates everything and walks the roof to see if there is additional work needed that we cannot see from the ground. He sent out a crew of two men who fixed everything, color matched perfectly and had the work done in an hour which was fabulous. The work was done perfectly. They are neat, clean, polite and have reasonable pricing.
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Description of work:
We had wind damage on a dormer. They replaced a couple of roof shingles and the edging on the dormer.

08/27/2014 – Jennie Grover of Oak Ridge, NC

angies-listThey were awesome! Prompt, courteous and very professional. They solved a seven year problem that the builder had repaired four times! I would highly recommend this company. We will definitely use them for all our roofing needs.
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Description of work:
Repair a leaking roof attached to the back of the house.

05/16/2014 – Elizabeth Wood of Whitsett, NC

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angies-listWe recently had our roof, siding, gutters, and windows all replaced. We received a fair quote and they worked very quickly and had great communication! We are 100% happy with our results are are happy to recommend them to anyone!

Description of work:
Roof, Siding, Gutters, and Windows Replaced

05/10/2016 - Carmen M.

I had my roof replaced by Travis and his team last week. From the original quote to the time the job was finished the communication was fantastic. We had a long rain delay that set the project back but Travis stayed in communication and when the weather cleared his crew was there and finished the job in one day. Cleanup was great and his team was very professional

Description of work:
Roof Replacement.

01/04/2016 – Patrick T.

11/1/2016 - Loretta of Greensboro, NC